What affects the price of my car negatively?

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Everyone remembers the times they got their newly bought vehicles back home from the dealership. It is a memory rife with nostalgia, as images of a fresh vehicle engulf the mind with a shiny grandeur that cannot be beat. It’s difficult to juxtapose those feelings with how one feels about the automobile 5 to 10 years on.

Normally, one has grown bored of the thing, as it’s gotten old and smelly. The time to get rid of it and replace it with a sweet new trendy model has come. But the excitement at getting a new vehicle is always tempered with some anxiety, as you have to also sell the old one, and you want to get decent cash for your car now.


Normally there is a simple way to quickly estimate what the answer to this question is. Think about what the mileage is, what year it was when you bought it, how much damage it has accrued over the years, and how sought after the model is. You also need to be a sweet negotiator.

It’s a sad fact about reality that automobile values begin dropping as soon as they are bought. There is nothing that can be done about it. It is as certain as death. But there is good news. That news is that you can do things to make its price higher when it comes time to sell it. But, conversely, there are things you can unintentionally do that will have the opposite effect. Still wondering, how much is my car worth if I care about them? Here are three of those things.

Losing or just forgetting to have the maintenance records on hand

If your machine has had regular trips to the mechanic for standard maintenance, it is more likely to be in good shape, at least from a prospective buyer’s point of view. But if you’ve done that, and neglected to keep the records documenting said maintenance, then there is no way to prove to someone that you have been doing so. You have to keep track of these records. Lest you lose an important bargaining chip in the negotiating game.

Customising your car too much

Keeping the car in the same condition as it was before you bought it is the aim. Throwing all types of add-ons at the vehicle so that it matches your personal definition of “awesome” is not a good idea, as it will shrink the pool of interested people who may want to purchase your automobile. This will make the re-sale value of your car shrink as well.


External wear and tear

This makes the machine look bad, and as we all know, people are shallow. This is no truer a statement than when said in reference to car buyers. They say they only care about performance, but we all know they’re secretly assessing its aesthetic qualities, and no-one wants to buy a dirty, dinged up vehicle. So it’s never a bad idea to clean it and get any scratches and dents fixed.

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