Should I Trade My Car or Sell It Privately?

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Buying a new car when you already own one usually means that the old one has to go. This is an accepted truth around the world, but it doesn’t do anything to alleviate the fact it is hard to decide whether to sell privately or trade the old one in at the same time as buying the new automobile. Is there any risk selling cars privately? That is what we will be talking about today: Whether to trade in or sell privately.


This decision requires the consideration of a few different variables. The make of your ride, its condition, how much time you have on your hands, and what your budget is.

Popular Model & Condition

If your car’s make and model is of the more popular variety, is in near perfect condition, has some extremely nice features, has relatively few Km’s on the odometer and you have kept all the maintenance records then you have the kind of vehicle that will do nicely in the private market. You won’t have to put much effort in order to sell it quick. If this doesn’t sound like you then you will be best advised to trade it in. All you need to figure out how to follow the free car valuation to set a true selling price.

Regardless of what condition or level of disrepair your vehicle is in, you will find that car dealerships tend to accept vehicles. Problems like rust, dirty upholstery and dents don’t phase them. If your old set of wheels isn’t even roadworthy, all you have to do is shell out some money to get it towed to the dealership, and you will finally get to see the back of it, even if you don’t get that much for it.

Vehicle Inspection

Private sales do tend to make more money though. The catch is that customers will inspect the vehicle with eagle eyes, because they don’t want to be ripped off. They will ask questions pertaining to its maintenance history, and any dents or dings will make the buyer have second thoughts. If it seems like too much stress to put up with, it might not be for you.

Time is money

The other consideration is time, more specifically how much time you have. Selling the used car privately will take at least two weeks to a month. One month of constant advertising, keeping the car in beautiful condition, cleanliness-wise, and talking to prospective buyers. You will have to go on test drives and such, another thing that requires spare time. Then there are the paperwork and whatnot that needs to be done.

Final Words

When trading in a car, you won’t get the full trade-in value that your automobile deserves. When they get the vehicle they will clean it up and make it look great so that they can make a nice profit off it. The dealer also needs to account for other financial concerns. Such as the time spent doing such things as getting the automobile sale ready, doing paperwork and transporting the vehicle. So don’t expect to get a lot of dollars after all of these expenses are accounted for.

If your car is in amazing condition you should sell privately as you will get much more money for it, and if it is in bad condition you may as well trade it in.

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