How to get the top cash for cars without getting swindled?

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Although selling your old set of wheels on your own can get you the best possible return, but it can also leave you exposed swindlers. If you are selling your vehicle for the first time, it’s often easy to get screwed by the fraudsters. This makes it crucial to attentively deal with potential buyers, when selling your car through private sales or online auto sales. Check out the risk in selling cars privately. As online scams and frauds are on the top, with an increasing use of online auto selling websites such as eBay.

In this post we have given a few suggestions to tips to help you safely sell your vehicle privately or online while avoiding the scams and troubles.

Don’t forget that presentation always pays off

Before you list your vehicle for sale make it look presentable. Since cleaning the vehicle always pays off to get top cash for it. A well- maintained vehicle is of course going to get you more money than one that is covered with dirt or scratches. According to auto experts, it is always wise to investing a few dollars on the minor repairs can make its sale more profitable at the end. You can take the help of professional auto-body shop to get all necessary repair work done. This should include the following details:

– Getting it vacuumed;

– Changing the fuel;

– Washing the windows from inside as well as outside;

– Using the touch-up paint;

– Replacing the old or worn out carpets;

– Using a fresh coating of wax to make it’s exterior shine;

Create an impressive advertisement with a comprehensive list of features

While creating the advertisement of your vehicle, make sure to present all its specific features. This will enhance the appeal of your vehicle towards the potential buyers. Thus, make sure to be as comprehensive as possible while mentioning the features of your automobile. Remember to be precise while describing all the flaws (if any) inside and outside your vehicle. Mention your vehicle’s make, model, color, previous repair and maintenance records, insurance coverage (if any), odometer reading.

Reconsider any modifications in your vehicle

People often love to customise their vehicle with ostentatious things to make look more cool. But remember, it may lower down its value at the time of sale. Since not all the people like pretentious display in automobiles. For example, some modified cars have tinted windows which can decrease the pool of potential buyers for it. However, it helps in keeping the vehicles cool from inside during summer seasons. interior cool in hot summers. Some auto owners also like to vehicles with sport-look and prefer to lower down their auto’s surface. But they forget that it can drastically affect the number of buyers at the time of its sale.

Get all the records of previous repairs and maintenance history

When buying a used vehicle, every buyer make sure to verify whether or not it has been properly serviced and maintained. That’s why, all of them ask for the pervious repair and maintenance records at the time of viewing it. So, it is important to have the history of repairs handy. It will not only serve as a documented proof that you have maintained your vehicle properly, but it will also get you a great deal.

Determine a realistic sale price

It is always advisable to determine a price limit for your vehicle so that you can easily increase it to a reasonable sale price while negotiating with the buyer. If you have poor negotiation skills, it can minimize the pool of potential buyers for it. Therefore, get your vehicle valuated by an experienced auto mechanic to determine its appropriate worth.

Stay safe from frauds and scams

Make sure to keep in mind the following safety tips when selling your vehicle privately or through online websites.

– Always be careful when dealing with the buyers that appears to be dishonest or fraudsters and never pay attention to the demands. This will help you to avoid getting screwed by the scammers. Be careful when dealing with them, or you will get screwed up.

– Never let the buyer go alone to test drive the car. You should accompany them and also check that he/she have a valid driving license.

– It is always safe to choose public locations for viewing the automobile.

– When you find the right buyer, make sure to first get the full payment and then transfer the ownership papers. Always hand over the car keys after confirming the full payment from the bank.

– Never do business with anyone who offers payments through checks or in parts. Since it may take many days in the clearance of checks.

– Make sure to keep one extra copy of the new owner’s government photo ID as well as the copy of original invoice with you.

– When the RC BOOK  has been transferred in the name of the buyer make sure to get its copy at the time of closing the deal.

– Finally, make sure to remain in touch with the new owner until all the legal documentation is completed properly.

Just follow these simple tips and get the maximum cash for cars without getting screwed.

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