Top 7 Used Cars for Car Camping

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Whether you like mountains, oceans, rain forests, or deserts, NZ’s marvelous sceneries really hit it out of the park. Camping and road trips are really one of the most liked leisure activities of New Zealanders. It is really an awesome way to give your mind some rest from the regular hectic schedule. You can enjoy quality time family and partner and create beautiful memories for life.

These days, people are moving towards more convenient ways of camping than traditional ways of setting up tents. More and more people are now using cars to camp out as it offers various benefits over the standard tent-camping. For example, car camping is safe, comfortable and offer you temperature controlling option. Thus, car camping is no wonder a perfect option for unplanned and unexpected trips.

However, choosing an ideal vehicle for camping requires a lot of knowledge. It must be durable, reliable and convenient to move you. Plus it should have sufficient room to carry your passengers and goods. Whether you are looking forward to buy a new car or rent a used one from your mates or family. You must know your best options that will make your trip perfectly enjoyable, comfortable and safe.

Subaru Forester

Subaru Forester

Although it is classified as a compact Sport-utility vehicle and not a crossover. But it will offer you a reliable experience in the most adventurous road trip and camping situation. The Subaru Forester is a highly capable all-wheel drive SUV that will never disappoint you even on tough terrain. It is due to its efficient and frugal personality. It offers excellent handling, efficient speed and outstanding fuel economy of 32 MPG on highways. Plus it provides a large space for cargo (as much as 74.7 cubic feet). 32 MPG on the highway.

Range Rover

Land Rover, Range Rover

Do you want to enjoy back country view? Are you interested to go camping with an absolute luxury and convenience? Then, the stylish Range Rover is the perfect fit for you. Land Rover, Range Rover is a full-size SUV with excellent off-road capabilities. It will help you travel to the farthest reaches of the world with ease. It provides a complete spectrum of high quality entertainment gadgets, convenient leather seats and various other awesome features.


Chevrolet Malibu

This is a beautiful sedan makes a wonderful option, if you’re planning for a camping trip with your loved ones. It is highly durable, spacious and a reliable regular commuter. With well-designed interiors and adequate space, it makes a perfect choice for people who like to go in style. It can carry up to five passengers along with adequate camping goods and luggage, with its 252 horsepower.


Jeep Grand Cherokee

Many have known Jeep vehicles to be the ultimate car for camping trips. It has 3 different 4WD driving systems to help you efficiently manage all kinds of roads and pavements. It has a generous amount of cargo space, exceptional flexibility, and enough leg room for at most 5-6 passengers.


KIA Soul

This powerful urban warrior can be considered as a reliable vehicle for camping trips. So, even if you didn’t plan a camping trip but unfortunately got stranded in an unfamiliar road. Your reliable Kia Soul won’t disappoint you. Thanks to its abundant amounts of interior area which is designed like a Scion’s box design. Additionally, it provides huge capacity of 61.3 cubic feet to carry goods. You can easily stretch out on it at night with its seats folded forward. 

Ford Expedition for camping

Ford Expedition

Are you planning to head out on a trip with your close friends or loved ones? Then, Ford Expedition is a great choice for you. It is a big-sized SUV and a perfect option for those who want to tow a camping trailer. It can accommodate up to 8 passengers based on their size and age. With its rear seats out of the picture it can carry up to 130.8 cubic feet of camping, equipment, luggage and gear. Beside this it is also a popular choice due to its superior cargo hauling and towing ability.


Honda Element

Although Honda element appears unattractive but don’t be fooled by its box-like exterior. This well-engineered automobile boasts excellent functionality and versatility. The Honda element is really a reliable option, if you are planning to buy a new vehicle for the purpose of camping trips. It’s designed with an optional six-person hatch tent accessory. With its washable and stain-resistant flooring, removable rear seats, its interior is highly convenient. Plus, it has removable rear seats to improve space capacity as and when required. It can carry up to 4 passengers with 166 horsepower without any problem.

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