Tips to protect yourself when selling a car

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Getting taken for a ride, metaphorically speaking, by unscrupulous buyers, is a paramount concern, and should be avoided at all costs while simultaneously getting top dollar. The annual number of people selling their vehicles is in the thousands.

 The amount of these people who will encounter problems in the process is miniscule, but it is still a problem, and you really don’t want to be counted among the poor souls who’ve been ripped off. The following handy hints will help you in your future endeavours in selling a used car without losing precious funds at the hands of scoundrels calling themselves buyers.


Make meetings take place publicly

You may decide, wisely, not to give your personal location of dwelling to people who are responding to your adverts when you are attempting to sell your car online. So instead it is advised by experts that you instead set up a meeting spot at a park, parking lot, or even a shopping mall food court. Make sure that you aren’t breaking any laws pertaining to engaging in commerce.

In the event of meeting at your place of residence, let a third party know everything about the person you are meeting, as well as all details concerning the time and date. Or you could request that they accompany you.

Test drives

A lot of people have ideas on the topic of accompanying prospective buyers on their test drive of the vehicle. Some think one thing, others think another. Anyone who thinks that you shouldn’t be wrong. Most people are trustworthy, but you can never be sure. Having a random person, whom you’ve only just met, take your wheels on a drive to God knows where, doing God knows what, is one hell of a risk to take.

What I’m saying is get in the vehicle with them. It’s also advised that you take your cell phone with you just in case violence occurs. And check their driver’s license as well.


Get all repairs that need to complete before you begin the selling process. A car that is ready to drive is much more enticing to people than one that they can’t drive. Have all the records concerning the history of maintenance ready as well.

Make sure that the filters have been replaced, the oil has been changed, and windscreen wipers that need replacing have been replaced, and so on. If you sell a car and the person buying it finds that you have scrimped on the details they will be livid with rage.


Make it extremely apparent in the advert that you place the types of payment you are willing to accept. It is advised by the experts that cash for used cars is the best way to go, except in cases where the amounts are much too high. In the case of a check, you will need to finish the transaction once the check has completed clearing. Since they want to keep their own back covered, they may object to this. The best payments are in the form of a cashier’s check.

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