The Ultimate Car Selling Guide

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There are so many Car Selling guides throughout the internet, however, most of them work according to different country or suburb rules and regulations.

As a NZ’s premier car buying & selling marketplace, we realised that we should deliver you a guide that can offer the perfect aim to find the best possible way to sell your wheels in a right and adequate way. As a top used car buyers Auckland – we have differentiated the way of selling a car according to distinguish conditions.


Out of all the methods, it depends on the age and the condition of your vehicle. The most popular brand with good condition can give you the most cash for cars NZ wide.

Where Can I Sell My Car?

There are so many ways to sell a wheel, for example: Sell a vehicle privately, Auctions, sell the machine online or physical dealers. However, the best place you can find would be the Used Car Dealers in your local region.

Which Documents Do I Need To Sell My Car?

Just bring your vehicle documents that you got and we will manage everything else. No matter, if your vehicle got registered or not – we can tow it away for no cost and pay you top dollars on the spot.

Check out the detailed information on how does cash for cars work?


How Do I Get The Value Of My Car?

Pretty simple and a call away. Just need to make the call at 0800 555 205 and give your vehicle details like Vehicle’s registration number or VIN number and you should get the price figures straight away. It’s a risk free car valuation method.

Main Benefits of Selling my car for cash?

Basically, you would like to sell your vehicle without wasting your important time and for the top cash without getting screwed. You don’t need to advertise your vehicle – You don’t need to bargain the costs with hundreds of stranger buyers –you don’t need to worry about the paperwork procedures.

Finally, wondering, where can I sell my car in Auckland? Give us a FREE Call at 0800 555 205 and we can help you straight away.

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