Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Car Exterior in 2018

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Usually, vehicles face a really challenging environment during cold winter weather. As they can accumulate large quantities of snow, ice, salt and sand during winters. This can cause serious damage to auto wheels and exterior body as well.

So, when you expect a change in the weather, it’s time to prepare for the new beginnings. At the arrival of spring weather it is best to clean and condition your vehicle. This is the best time to fix any damage caused by the cold winter days.

Even if you live in a hot or dry region, it is advisable to spring clean your vehicle at regular intervals. You should make it an important part of your regular auto maintenance and service routine. Otherwise, your automobile exterior will lose its shine and more likely accumulate cracks and dents.

So, here are some best spring cleaning tips to make your car shine like new.

Give it a good wash

When you wash your vehicle on daily basis it helps to get rid of accumulation of dirt and pollen on its exterior. So, make sure to get started by washing your vehicle from outside. Avoid using liquid detergent and get a bottle of good quality cash washer to clean the auto exterior. It can prevent any paint damage and peel off the wax that get damaged by liquid detergent.

While washing your automobile, make sure to use right blushes, clothes and sponges. Choose a shaded region to clean and wash your automobile. Otherwise, you can easily notice dirty watermarks and soap marks when the car is dry after washing. In order to remove less dirt you can use a soft brush. Whereas, using an old toothbrush will help you to get rid of light dirt. This way you easily get rid of stubborn dust gather from window rubbers, window rubbers, etc.

Give it a good polish for beautiful shine

This a very important top of spring cleaning your automobile. At the same time it requires an elbow grease and sufficient time. Start by using a polishing cream outside your automobile then you can use a soft polishing pad or disc. This will help you to leave a uniformly distribute coat over the surface.

It also involves filling out any scratches on the vehicle’s exterior surface. You can also use mild rubbing compound with optimum pressure. It will lead to swirl marks and getting a clear coat. However, don’t forget that applying too much polish can damage the automobile’s paintwork.

Apply wax on it

Applying wax on your auto exterior improve the protection from UV rays and prevent fading of paint. Remember that a wax is just like a sunscreen that improve the overall look of a vehicle. It keeps your highly glossy paint as it is for a long time. It is available in the form of polymer or carnauba wax. But you can quickly remove a polymer wax take less time to after it dries.

According to experts you should wash and wax your vehicle at least 4 times in a year. This is the best way to maintain its shiny protective shield. If you don’t have enough energy and time to do it, get professional help.

Clean your auto windows

Having clean windows and windscreen on your vehicle highly enhance its overall appearance. But this is not all. It also provides a safety aspect like getting a microfiber cloth and glass cleaner.

Whether your automobile is well-kept or not, make sure to check its windscreen washer is working properly. Don’t forget to clean its mirrors and wiper blades. Also, make sure that the windscreen washer is filled up to the required mark.

End your cleaning on the tyres

While it may not be surprising to most people that wheels are the most important part of a vehicle. But still many people ignore to pay attention to it’s performance and shape. They shower all the attention on the automobile body work.

Thus, make sure to properly clean your auto wheels. You may use various quality products for this like, mild solvent, soften hard dirt and dissolve any visible tar. After your auto tyre dries out you can begin cleaning its rubber.

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