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Are you making plans to travel abroad to another country? If the period of time will exceed longer than one month, a great way to get about and see the sights there is in a car of your own. You have more independence and freedom to be able to go anywhere that fancies you. This will make for a much more fun time.

In general, backpackers tend to buy automobiles that are perfect rides, ensuring a smooth driving experience during the road trip. However, it is very easy to underestimate how hard it can be to sell the vehicle in question. Actually getting the vehicle prepared and advertised for sale is not a hassle free process, and can consume a lot of time.

The following tips should be helpful if you have a car and you want to sell it before you head back to your home country.


If you can get a long registration, this would be preferable to having a shorter one. If you are selling a car that was used on a backpacking trip, you would be well advised to get a car with at least 3 months registration on it. The reason why is that a short registration will mean that when you are selling it, if the registration is about to expire you will find it harder to sell. If you are trying to sell as vehicle that has at least a few months of registration left on it, you will have less trouble.


Promoting your vehicle effectively is paramount to successfully selling it quickly. Use hostel notice boards to your advantage by making some eye-catching flyers to pin to them. Be sure to attain permission from the Hostel themselves first, however.

You would also not be wrong to go online and advertise there. The best website to use would depend on the country you are visiting. In Australia Gumtree is often used for these purposes. There is also a site called Cash 4 Backpacker. Don’t be afraid to find out about any car markets taking place where-ever you happen to be staying.


It nearly goes without saying that presentation is always an important aspect if you want to sell something. For instance, in a job interview you are trying to sell yourself. That is why you need to dress up nicely, look clean and smell great. The same principal can be applied to cars. So wash the automobile before trying to sell it. You can get it done professionally if you are lazy, and it will only cost from thirty to fifty dollars to get the vehicle washed and waxed.


You must always remember that cars are notorious for their depreciation in value. You will not get the same price that you paid. Make sure that the price is realistic and keep in mind that there is competition out there. If you want to get a good idea of how much to sell it for, be sure to research online.

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