How to get cash for overheated cars

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Summers are notorious for their negative effect on the cars. The searing sun rays, along with extended length trips, often result in the car in question overheating. Overheating is one of the worst culprits of irreparable damage to the engine. And the worst thing is that the insurance often doesn’t cover engine damage. That is why junking the automobile at your local auto wreckers before getting a replacement vehicle is probably your best bet. You can actually get a nice amount of cash from selling a junk vehicle this way.

What can Cause Engine Overheating?

Engine overheating can be caused by various different culprits. The components and inner mechanics of your average engine are not impervious to damage. The causes of engine overheating include these following mishaps:

  • The cooling system leaking: Causes for this include a radiator cap that is either leaky or not particularly strong. When the coolant heats up, it overflows out through the loose cap. Or there could be an internal leak which you always need to refill.
  • The Water Pumps are Broken: The water pumps keep the coolant in the cooling system moving. If the coolant isn’t moving, it isn’t getting to where it needs to be. The result is overheating.
  • Wrong Engine Coolant: The manufacturer of your vehicle will recommend that you use a specific coolant type. If you ignore this recommendation, you risk having an overheating engine.
  • Failing Thermostat: The thermostat needs to be functioning so that it can regulate the engine’s temperature. A broken thermostat will put a spanner in those plans, and before you know it your engine is overheating like a madman.
  • Blocked passage ways in the coolant system: Dirt and other debris can get into the system. If it builds up enough, it can cause blockages in the hoses. Eventually the system will start to fail in its task of cooling itself.

What Plan of Action is Best When Overheating Occurs?

One piece of advice to owners of automobiles is to keep a close eye on the engine thermostat, located on the dashboard. If the engine ever starts getting hot, there are some simple actions that can be used to protect the car. Park it underneath a shade of some sort, such as a dense tree. Turn the engine off and open the hood. Opening the hood allows it to cool down faster.

It is important to avoid removing the cap to the radiator. The reason for this is due to the pressure in the coolant system. Removing the cap may lead to serious burns, like when opening up a bottle of soda that has been shaken, only the contents are boiling hot. Wait for the vehicle to cool off and then you can refill the coolant. Have a look at the hoses to see if you can locate any blockages. Keep an eye out for holes or leaks as well.

For the above reasons it is always a great idea to have a kit for these kinds of emergencies, along with additional coolant and water.

Can You Sell a Car Whose Engine Has Overheated?

When a car’s engine overheats, sometimes this causes irreparable damage. If this has happened to you, you can still sell your machine. Simply get in touch with your local cash for cars service like Sellmycarfast, otherwise known as the broken car buyers. We will buy your car off you for top cash, regardless of its condition, make or model.

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