The Pros and Cons of Electric Cars

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Electric Cars vs Petrol Cars: Pros and Cons

The hot button issue of climate change may have the unwashed masses debating as to whether it’s real or an elaborate hoax, but the same can’t be said for the scientific community. Approximately 97% of all scientists believe that man-made global warming is about to cause mayhem and madness within the next 100 years, unless we take drastic action to stop it now.

There won’t be a magic bullet that will single-handedly halt the runaway greenhouse effect that we accidentally set off late last century. It will be the cumulative effect of many different efforts, a lot of which will revolve around finding sustainable energy sources to replace the standard oil model. Mix one of those sources with one of the major sources of carbon emissions worldwide, and you have the presumptive future of transport: Electric cars.


Sure, a lot of people are placing a lot of hope in the electric car’s ability to help turn the tide on climate change, but the question remains: are they all they’re cracked up to be? Maybe. Maybe not. Consider this list of pros and cons, and you be the judge.


Environmental concerns – They produce almost no emissions. Carbon emissions are the main culprit in the climate crisis. Some estimates have gas powered automobiles as contributing up to 30% of all the carbon emissions that are released by us every year.

Cost – The cost of charging an electric vehicle will be less than the cost of filling the tank up with petrol.

Performance – Electric cars are quieter, and the skill required to operate one is no more than the skill to drive a normal vehicle.



Hard to find parts – This is mainly due to the fact that the technology is fairly new. Not enough people own and drive these cars, so the demand for parts isn’t high. At this point, not many brands are making quality electric cars. If you want to repair your vehicle and you remember that you aren’t a licensed electrician or mechanic, you have to put your tools away and take it to a panel beater.

Performance – You have less control over the acceleration, as the accelerometer is less responsive. This is another problem with the technology that will hopefully be solved as it progresses.

Environmental concerns – The amount of power plants will likely increase. This will also increase the amount of carbon emissions that power plants make. This will however be offset by the cut in emissions due to the lack of gas powered cars.

Safety – The silent nature of the vehicles brings up concerns about whether the lack of noise will make pedestrians and such less alert to their presence. Again, if this is a problem, and it does turn out that silent cars are dangerous, it’s a short term concern as the manufacturers will easily be able to make cars that create some sort of sound when driving.

Charging outlets – With the low demand for them, there are not a lot of places people can go to charge their cars. This will make travel more restricted to areas that have these kinds of outlets, but again this is a problem that is short term and depending on the advancement of the technology and how wide spread the usage is.

So, in conclusion, it seems that the pros are more long term, and the cons will eventually sort themselves out. I for one welcome our new electric overlords, and I think you should too.

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