Do not make these mistakes when selling a car to wreckers!

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Normally selling a scrap, broken-down or unwanted vehicle is a quite troublesome activity. But it can be fun, if you choose the right way of discarding that old clunker. And of course, the most easy and cost-effective way of doing it is to hire a team of well-versed vehicle wreckers & Removal Experts. It is a sure-fire way of selling a scrap vehicle for ultimate price and replacing it with a good set of wheels. Selling car to wreckers could be only feasible solution in this case.

But in the excitement of fetching best money for your old car can push you to make worst mistakes. That said, you can end up getting a really unreasonable value for your wheels. This can often make the process of scrapping your wheels tedious and lengthy. Additionally, you can fail to dispose it off according to environment friendly standards. 

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Here we have explained some common mistakes to avoid when selling your car for cash to wreckers.

  1. Getting a quote from only one company

When you start to search for an auto wrecking company make sure to get multiple cash offers. Getting quotes from several different auto wreckers will help you to make a comparison and determine the best offer. The process is pretty straightforward when you find a professional and recognised company. Plus you will get an opportunity to receive a fair and no-obligation quote. So there is no need to shilly-shally about requesting cash quotes from a few reputable companies.

  1. Paying a price for your car removal

Sure, you can find several cash for car services that charge additional price for picking up vehicles. Or, they may ask you to transport it on our own to their salvage yard. This means paying a heavy price for hiring a professional vehicle towing company.

On the contrary, most reputable companies never make their customer pay a single dollar for their auto removal. In fact, they possess high quality tools and best expertise to pick up and haul away vehicles for free.  

  1. Overlooking to remove the personal belongings and valuables

Most often we forget to leave our valuable items and personal things in our automobiles. It is normal when we use personal vehicles on regular basis for business or any other relevant purpose. However, it can be a huge mistake to overlook your vehicle from the inside when you decide to sell it. As you can forget to collect your personal and/or valuable items from it.

Remember you won’t be able to retrieve those things once your car gets removed by the wreckers. Therefore, never neglect to check your automobile from the inside and remove your personal stuff before its removal.  

  1. Spending money on a broken car repair

Before selling a broken vehicle it is normal for the owner to try repairing the damages or problems. However, they can end up with a long list of problems and consequently a huge repair bill. This is particularly foolish when you are looking get rid of a junk vehicle. It is because a good car wrecking business will take your unwanted automobile in any position.

Moreover, the cost of fixing junk vehicles often exceeds their original value. So if you are trying to repair wrecked or broken-down car, it is a decision not worth making.

  1. Forgetting to take a look at Wreckers reputation

If you begin to look for an auto salvage company, you can definitely find a number of options. But remember that all companies are not equal in terms of experience and reputation. Their knowledge varies based on the number of years they have spent in auto wrecking industry. A great way to know this is checking their website and feedback given by previous customers. Checking junkyard reviews before selling your car is great idea. This way you can find if they are well-versed and qualified to do business with.

  1. Failing to choose an eco-friendly Dismantlers

While selecting a vehicle dismantlers make sure they are responsible towards the environment. In fact, they must follow robust rules and regulations to give environmental friendly services. This means they will appropriately wreck your vehicle for components and materials that are in a usable condition. Thereby, they will be able to discard all the harmful fluids and undesirable elements present in your Junker. 

  1. Evading to make a decision when Selling Car to Wreckers

If you keep on delaying the process of scrapping your car, it can decrease its value. Having said that, you are going to get a less price for your automobile. Of course, you must take time to do your homework and find an ideal cash quote for your car. But make sure not to delay in choosing the best course of action.

  1. Receiving money by Different method than CASH

Remember that companies with fake reputation and scruples often agree to pay via non-cash modes. If a scrap auto buyer offer to pay through cheques, just say thanks and move to another company. Always look for a reliable company that offer instant cash payments before removing your wheels.

If you live in Auckland, contact Car Wreckers at Taha Car Collection and get the best price for your unwanted vehicle.

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