Should I Keep or Sell a Car With a Blown Head Gasket?

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Getting a blown head gasket is expensive. It can climb all the way up to $1000, sometimes it exceeds that. This is because of the involved nature of the operation, which includes a full disassembling of the top of the engine. It actually takes at least three days to get this job finished.

Instead of doing this you do have the options of selling your vehicle to a salvage yard, if you feel that the amount of money you would be paying to repair the problem is just too much. Making the decision to either fix or sell can be helped along by knowing a few things, such as how much it costs and so forth. Sell your car for free while selling it to the second hand car buyers because they buy the vehicles by looking at the current age and the condition, not the look.


Definition of “Blown Head Gasket”

The job of the head gasket is to seal three areas between the cylinder head and the cylinder block. It makes sure that coolant, oil and compression are sealed, and when it blows, coolant leaks everywhere. This will result in the engine overheating.

What is the Price of a Head Gasket?

Head Gaskets cost in between $30 and $50. This obviously isn’t all that expensive, as they are just made out of coated steel. You may be wondering why blown head gaskets are so expensive to repair if head gaskets hardly cost that much. The answer is the fact that they take so long to repair.

How Much Will a Head Gasket Repair Cost?

A blown head gasket can cost so much that people often decide to just sell the car and buy a new one. The cost can exceed one thousand or two thousand dollars. The variables affecting this are the age, model and make of vehicle you have. V6 and V8 engines actually cost more because they have two heads.

Why does it cost so much? Because of the length of time that the operation takes. And it takes so long because the entire top half of the engine gets completely taken apart as part of the repair process. When this repair is made, often other problems are found that require urgent attention.

Symptoms of a Blown Head Gasket

All cars have temperature gauges, and the reason why is because of blown head gaskets. If you didn’t know that your head gasket was blown, continued driving of your car would result in the engine being irreparably damaged.

Overheating of an engine is usually the cause of a blown head gasket. If you ever find that you have over-heated your engine, you might like to have a look under the hood to see just how much it has over-heated. You will need to wait until the engine has cooled before pulling a spark plug wire to see if it is burned in any way. A charred or melted spark plug can indicate a blown head gasket.

Another sign of blown head gasket is to check the oil. Pull out the dip stick. If it has white liquid on it, the gasket has blown.

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