How to keep your car in tiptop condition

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Whether you buy used or brand new car, it is one of the important investments. As the money you spend in purchasing that asset is earned with great efforts. So, you will have to maintain and service your automobile on a regular basis. This will help you to keep its condition tip-top and retain its good value for a long time. If you deal with a professional car dealers and you can reap services and many rewards for it.

Maintaining a car in good condition will help you to keep it safe, drive it for a long time, and someday sell it for a good price. But, with proper care and attention, and the proper care it deserves, your car will surely return your investment through safety, comfort, and convenience. Here are some effective tips on keeping your vehicle in a tip top condition.

Servicing a brand new vehicle

Often people having a brand new vehicle think that they don’t need any maintenance. In reality it is actually very essential to take a vehicle for regular check-ups and for the time period of warranty.

Maintain Second Hand Cars

If your automobile is not covered under any type of warranty, its owner is responsible for everything. Whereas when people purchase used vehicles, they must look for its repair manual to know the particular make and model. It will include all the important information on to guide mechanics. You can also find these manuals on the internet or at your local auto body shop. One of the best way is to use T.O.W.B.I.F.L., it includes tyres, Oil, Windows, Brakes, Interiors, Fluids, Lights, etc.


  • When you notice tread wear on the sidewalls or beneath your tyre make sure to replace it;
  • Make sure to inflate the wheels to the right pressure as specified by its manufacturer;
  • Make sure to check your tyre pressure regularly;
  • When they get old and worn-out beyond repair get them replaced.


  • The oil is unquestionably an important component of the vehicle. It’s like a blood to vehicle. Without it you may not be able to operate the vehicle properly;
  • If you don’t know how to check your oil, take help from your nearest auto mechanic. Make sure to change the oil after every covering every 3000-3500 miles;
  • Keep a regular check on the oil for one time a week. When you cover 4,000–4,500 mile (6,400–7,200 km) change the oil.

Windows and Mirrors

  • Use clean windows, lights and mirrors if there is any problem;
  • Look out for cracks and damages on a regular basis;
  • If there is any broken light replace any broken lights or mirrors as soon as possible;
  • Check regularly for cracks and damage.

Brakes, Battery and Belts

All of the car owners know that the brakes are especially designed to be replaced. This will maximize the braking efficiency.

  • Check the belts for any wear and tension. When the belts get very loose it create a squealing noise;
  • Never drive an automobile without battery;
  • Check the battery properly and don’t let it corrode;
  • Clean it properly.


The automobile’s interior is often one of the best points of selling an automobile. Most of the buyers who are familiar with the term clean, engine and interior will be keener to maintain the automobile.

  • Clean and vacuum the interior properly;
  • Make sure to upgrade it on with the necessary parts.  


This is another important aspect that serves as the lifeblood of the automobile. Here are the fuel types that you check the following fluids at least one time in a week:

  • Transmission fluids;
  • Windshield fluid;
  • Brake fluid;
  • Windshield washer fluid;
  • Coolant and power steering fluid.


Also check the light functions:

  • Turn Signal Lights;
  • Brake Lights;
  • Reverse lights;
  • Taillights;
  • Headlights (make sure it indicates down rather than outside of the road);

Don’t forget that a vehicle’s engine is a very expensive part. It requires huge dollars to fix it. So, when you observe warning signs like rough idling, stalling and unusual noises. Make sure to get your engine checked by a professional mechanic.

There are so many car buyers in NZ who can pay you decent money for the well maintained vehicles.

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