How the Freight Forward scam works?

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The Freight Forward scam is one of the many scams that blight the automobile world. People who are looking to sell their cars already have enough problems to worry about. Now they have to worry about phoney buyers whose only real goal is fleecing them of all their hard earned dollars.

In the interest of fighting this scam, I will detail the various steps the scammers take to pull the wool over the eyes of innocent and unsuspecting private car sellers, whose only crime was wanting to exchange their used cars for cash, and possibly use that money to buy a new car.

By providing this information, people will be less likely to fall for these tactics, and the world will be a slightly better place.


You place an ad on a website

This is how the story starts. All the websites that assist in trading are a great resource for selling all kinds of second hand and brand new goods. But it is a double edged sword, as being on the net means that anyone from all around the world can see it.

They send a text message or email

When you list your car on a trading website, you may have provided contact details in the section that’s available for the public to see. And now someone shifty has taken that info and has contacted you, possibly offering more than the car is worth.

They claim to be New Zealander’s who are for one reason or another overseas

The reasons range from being in the armed forces, working on an offshore oil rig, being a relative of someone who is studying overseas, etc. They usually claim they don’t have to inspect the car or its history as they have seen the photos and are satisfied with its condition. You might wonder, I do sell my used car in the right hands but it’s awful.

They request the vehicle be shipped overseas for them

Which is the main thrust of this scam. Because not only does it provide an excuse for them not to deal with you in person, it also provides the necessary background story that will set up the next part of the scam.

They pretend to pay for the car, including extra for the shipping cost

This happens after they take your PayPal details. They send a phoney email notification that looks like a legitimate PayPal email. This part of the ruse relies on the seller assuming that everything is legit, just by seeing this notice, and feeling no motivation to actually log on to their account just to make sure.

Finally, they pounce

They ask you to take the payment of that extra money they “deposited” and use Western Credit Union to pay their shipping agent. This is the end game for the scammer. Either you fall for the last request, or you wise up and keep your money.

Your bank account is a few thousand dollars lighter, and you still haven’t sold your car

And there is no way to catch these scoundrels, as no actual paper trail exists that can be followed back to the perpetrators.

Basically, it is really horrific to go through this whole process. Don’t get involved in these scams and get in touch with Sell My Car Fast Team – Number one Used Car Buyer in NZ.

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