How to Get the Best Deal on a Used Car at a Dealership?

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In the world of car sales, it is normal for people to negotiate car prices in order to pay less for the vehicle they want. Most other business transactions don’t have this feature. You don’t try to negotiate with the checkout clerk at the supermarket in order to drive the price down for your week’s groceries. Similarly, when buying a book or a magazine you don’t get to the cash register and immediately begin trying to haggle. If you are at the pub and you offer the bar tender less $4 for the $5 beer they just served you. They aren’t going to counter with $4.50.

Cars and other big ticket items such as houses are an entirely different story. You aren’t just allowed to haggle. It is expected, even at the used car dealers. You’d be a fool not to, because you might be able to get the vehicle you want for less money and who doesn’t want to save money. But not everyone can negotiate effectively. It is tricky and requires some strategic thinking and tactics. So here are some handy tips for doing just that.


Study Up on the Vehicle You Wish to Purchase

There is an old cliché that people like to trundle out from time to time. But just because it is cheesy doesn’t lessen its truth value: Knowledge is power. You know what vehicle you want, so the next step is to learn everything you can about it. Specifically though, you will want to know how much it is worth. A great place to learn used car valuation online is Sell My Car Fast.

Be Mentally Prepared

One needs to have some confidence when going into the vehicle purchasing process. There needs to be some control of your emotions so that your decision making process is as solid as it can possibly be. Salesmen and Saleswomen are seasoned professionals who have an extensive knowledge in how to get someone to buckle and make the purchase. If you aren’t happy, you need to be able to say “no” without any anxiety. But the salesperson will try to make the opposite happen.

If you need emotional support and an extra brain on hand to help you. Don’t be opposed to having a friend accompany you to the dealership.

Only Negotiate the Price

A salesperson will try to complicate things for you so that you won’t notice when they are making you pay more than you could be. They can do this by swamping you with figures relating to monthly payments and extras. Without will rude about it, tell them that you will only negotiate on the overall price and nothing else.

Catch the Dealer at the Tail End of the Month

At the end of the month the pressure is on for the auto dealer to fill their quota of cash for used cars. If you can strategically use that to your advantage by buying the car at this time. You will have more power and leverage when negotiating. But if you make it a weekend visit. You might find that their resolve is harder because so many customers choose that time to visit.

Bring Up the Prices that the Dealerships Competitors Have Put Forward

Assuming that the competitors have offered lower prices, tell the dealer those prices. And tell them that you prefer to buy your vehicle through them rather than their competitors because they are local and you support local businesses. Of course the subtle implication will be that you won’t buy if your ideal price isn’t met.

 Finally, if you are incredibly friendly you will have even more of an advantage. If you use all these handy hints you will be more than ready to go to the negotiating table.

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