Handy checklist for preparing your car for sale

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  1. Clean out the interior

Vacuum, air it out so there are no lingering smells, and make sure there is no rubbish whatsoever. Keep an eye out for any small personal belongings such as jewellery. This may be a lovely surprise for the buyer, but not so much for you.

Also wipe down the dashboard, as it can get very grubby. Customers will pick up on any spot of filth and subconsciously make a note of it, making them less likely to spend their hard earned money on an otherwise amazing purchase that I’m sure your car is. Well, if you have decided to sell your car for top cash, then you have to do this.


  1. Clean the exterior

Give the car a good wash. Make sure to get into all the tiny nooks and cranny’s so that the car is in the best condition for sale. Possible customers will see a dirty car and turn their nose up instantly.

Along with cleaning the vehicle, it would pay to thoroughly check the paint job. If it’s dull, or scratched, it doesn’t cost a lot of money to touch up minor scratches. Any dents and dings can be seen to by a professional. All this effort on improving the aesthetics of the vehicle will surely pay off in the end. Worried how to sell my old car? Keep going.

  1. Check the tyres

If they are in good condition then that‘s great. But if they are bald or cracked, see to replacing them. There is a simple 20 cent coin test for checking whether the tread is of a depth that is road worthy. Place its edge into one of the main grooves, with the number 20 on the edge touching the tyre. If you can see the whole number it’s no good. If even a smidgen of the number is obscured you might be safe. The minimum depth requirement is 1.5mm.

Cracked tyres might be old and in need of replacement. A cracked tyre could experience a blow out on the road. These might also need to be replaced.

Find a sale on tyres, or a reputable used auto parts dealer, and the resale value of your vehicle will thank you for it.

  1. Have the car’s Paper work ready

All the times you’ve taken the car to the panel beaters to get service repairs done will have generated paperwork that you’ve kept for times like this. Get these service records out and be sure to show to prospective customers, so that the history of the vehicle is transparent. It will also show that the vehicle has been taken care of well.

The car’s documentation will be a necessity as well. This includes the registration, insurance card, title and pink slip.

  1. Get any minor repairs done

If any of the lights are not working, or if the mirror is broken, or something else needs repairing and it won’t cost too much to fix it, it might be an idea to get it sorted out.


  1. Find out the value of the car

Check out an online trading site and look for the value of your vehicle. There are also free automotive pricing services to be found online, such as the Sell My Car Fast. Getting this information is important, so you can put a price on your car that matches its value, and you don’t lose any money.

Still wondering, what is the price of my car? Give us a call at 0800 555 205 and one of us can help you straight away.

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