Is There Any Risk in Selling Cars Privately?

February 9, 2017 POSTED UNDER: sell my car


No-one can be blamed for wanting to sell their car privately. The common misconception is that this method of auto trade is the one that gets the most money. It would seem that way, seeing as you have more control in the process. You clean your vehicle up, have any problems and faults fixed, place

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How to Get the Best Deal on a Used Car at a Dealership?

October 10, 2016 POSTED UNDER: cash for cars


In the world of car sales, it is normal for people to negotiate car prices in order to pay less for the vehicle they want. Most other business transactions don’t have this feature. You don’t try to negotiate with the checkout clerk at the supermarket in order to drive the price down for your week’s

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How to get the most money for your old car?

September 28, 2016 POSTED UNDER: cash for cars


If you are planning to sell your old car, then probably you must want to make the best possible money out of it. But if you are selling your car for the first time, then the process can be complicated for you. To make the process simple for you we have come up with some

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A Complete Guide to Sell Your Car Online

September 9, 2016 POSTED UNDER: cash for cars


If you are planning to sell your car online, then you need to learn some tips and tricks. As, selling your old wheels online is not the same like listing it in newspaper advertisements.  Generally, it becomes easy to sell the vehicle if one is doing it through the classifieds. As the buyer being local

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How to get the maximum cash for cars without getting screwed?

September 2, 2016 POSTED UNDER: buy used car


Selling your old-wheels can be a complicated task especially if you are doing it for the first time. Though there are many sites which seem to be a great place to sell a vehicle personally. But the fear of getting screwed remains. To avoid this trouble, follow below listed implications, to get fair cash for

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General Causes that can affect the Resale Price of Your Car

August 26, 2016 POSTED UNDER: sell my car


Resale value should be the priority consideration for anyone who buy car after some regular intervals. It said that if you buy the right vehicle in the first place. Its resale value will automatically keep on increasing. Some buyers are obsessed to care about their vehicle from the day they drive their new vehicle, while

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How to bargain over a used car?

July 29, 2016 POSTED UNDER: buy used car


In the world of buying and selling vehicles, one of the most important weapons anyone can have in their personal arsenal is the skill of negotiating. And it goes without saying that some people are good at it, some not so good. And then there are the shy types who simply don’t do it at

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Tips to protect yourself when selling a car

July 8, 2016 POSTED UNDER: cash for cars


Getting taken for a ride, metaphorically speaking, by unscrupulous buyers, is a paramount concern, and should be avoided at all costs while simultaneously getting top dollar. The annual number of people selling their vehicles is in the thousands.  The amount of these people who will encounter problems in the process is miniscule, but it is

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Sell your classic car for cash today

May 5, 2016 POSTED UNDER: buy used car


If you have fallen on tough economic times and have to sell your classic car in order to feed the family, you might find it helpful to have a few guidelines to follow. So, assuming that your classic vehicle has been kept in extremely good condition with regular maintenance, here are some great tips to

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How to buy a car on a tight budget?

May 3, 2016 POSTED UNDER: buy used car


Most people have probably day-dreamed about having millions of dollars, and what they would do with that kind of money. And I would put millions of dollars down on a bet that every one of those day-dreams involved a new car at some point. A ridiculously expensive car. No-one fantasizes about buying cheap second hand

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