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Free Car Valuation Online – Quick & Easy

Get the Free Car Valuation online with “Sell My Car Fast” and compare the price with our competitors if needed. Generally, we pay maximum in NZ, however, we are always happy to match the genuine price figures for you.

Still wondering how to get the price for my car?

Risk Free Car Valuation Method – No Obligations

As a NZ’s premier used car buyer – we always offer the cash quotes for free of cost. Feel free to give us a call at 0800 555 205 and get an instant estimation straight away.

We can realise that there are plenty of online auto valuation tools where you can jump online and get the quotation but unfortunately that’s not accurate enough. This is the core reason, we have decided to do it manually for you with no additional costs involved.

Check out the tips on how to sell your car effectively.

What’s involved in our Car Assessment process?

Basically, we check the make, model, age and the condition of the vehicle. Now, everything should be promising, but the condition can vary the cost a bit. It depends on what is the condition of the vehicle. Sometimes it can really damage and most of times, they could have the ripped paint.

We inspect the interior and exterior parts of the vehicle as well and make sure if the auto parts are in working condition or not. Also, we give a test if parts were modified at some stage.

Our Top Price Promise

Our primary motto to be seen the best car buying company in NZ and we are concentrating on it by satisfying our customers by good prices at the first hand. We make sure that we deliver what we offer. If we commit any price with you then we pay that no matter what the circumstances are.

Still, wondering, how much is my car worth? Get the value of your vehicle with us today and sell your car with full confidence. Please make sure that you should have the vehicle’s details handy before making a contact.

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