What You Need to Know When Cancelling Car Registration in NZ

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So, you are looking to sell your old or damaged vehicle. Before you contact a dealer or Cash for Car Company, you must need to cancel the car’s registration. As they will ask you for the cancelled registration before towing away your automobile.

Cancelling the registration of your car means that you are no longer liable to drive the automobile on the road. By doing so you notify the New Zealand Transport Agency that you have sold the automobile. They will deregister your automobile only when you or the insurance agency requests to do so. Though it is easy and fuss-free to cancel your vehicle’s registration.

Why you may need to apply for your car de-registration?

Some of the most common reasons for cancelling your automobile’s registration include:

  • It has been declared as written off by your insurer.
  • Or maybe, it is too old or wrecked in a collision.
  • It has accumulated some permanent damage.
  • You want to take it off the road permanently.

However, there are some exceptions to this:

    • You are not the real owner of the vehicle.
    • Its plate is stolen or lost.
    • The vehicle was stolen and you are not able to recover it.
    • You want to replace the plate.
    • Or, you are using the vehicle for a temporary period.
    • You simply found the license plate and handed it to NZTA.
    • You have already sold the car but the buyer didn’t notify about it to NZTA.

How to sell a car and cancel the registration in NZ

When you have a vehicle too old, rusted or failed the WOF test. You will be in desperate need to sell it. In that case the best thing you can do is scrap your car and apply for de-registration. Also, you will want to do in the best possible way so it don’t have any bad impact on the environment.

So, here are a few things you must know to responsibly sell your old car:

  1. Look for a professional and well-experienced cash for car or unwanted auto removal service.
  2. Check their website and get a free cash quote. You can easily do it by filling out their online form and submitting the required details. Or else, just give them a call at their toll free number.
  3. Make sure to provide your vehicle identification number.
  4. Select a cash offer that meets your requirements.
  5. When they reach at your place they will usually take your car pictures to send it to their main office. This way they can evaluate a fair price for it. However, you can try to negotiate the price if it don’t meet your needs.
  6. Don’t forget to take off the registration card from the license plate and windshield.
  7. Make sure to get full payment in hand before they tow away your vehicle.

What to do while getting your car deregistered

  • If you think of getting your wheels de-registered from a post office, it is no longer possible. So, make sure to take your VIN number, REGO card and license plate to your auto transport agency.
  • Make sure to complete their MR15 form. Beside this you will also need to show your driver’s license to prove that you legally own the vehicle.
  • Transfer the MR15 form, rego card and license plate.
  • You will have to pay a little handling charges apart from any outstanding road usage fees (RCU) or registration charges.
  • If there is remaining registration it will be reimbursed to you via post. You will get the amount of reimbursement on your registered place. You can even contact the NZTA if you get your money refund back.
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