Where can I sell my junk car for cash without a title?

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If you have an unwanted or old vehicle which is littered in your back yard and you want to get rid of it. But you are unable to sell it as no one would love to buy a piece of rusty old heap and that too without ownership papers.

Then one needs to know why the vehicle is in his possession without the ownership papers. Though there can be many reasons for it, but, maybe the title is lost. But this can cause trouble in selling old vehicles.

To ease your pain, we have come up with better options which help you to get rid of your old or junk vehicle even without a title.


Recycle Scrap Dealers

Selling your junk vehicle to scrap auto buyers is an easiest option available. Even if the old automobile has turned into a piece of junk and has eventually lost its book value, its metallic structure will still get you a good price for it. As junk metal recyclers usually weigh the quantity of metal in your vehicle and pay you accordingly. They pay the highest cash for old cars in all conditions.

All you need to do is just give them a call to verify your location and they will tow away your junk machine in return of the highest cash. And, they won’t even care if you have the title in hand or not.

Auto Repair and Service Centers

You can also sell your old wheels to auto repair garages, if your vehicle has auto parts which are still functioning properly. Most of the auto repair centers are looking for junk automobile from which they can extract useable parts. And if your trash wheels are economical, then they can even tow it for you in return of a good value.

Rebuilt Parts Dealers/Scrap Yards

Another alternate option available for you is to sell your car to salvage yards. These people trade in used auto spare parts and other components like tyres. That is why they are in great need of salvage vehicles as they are a great source for auto parts that can be recycled. They purchase all vehicles, regardless its type, make and models. Salvage dealers usually pay in proportion to the number of spare parts they get from the scrap machines.

Independent Scrappers

If there are no salvage yards near your location, then you can also sell a car for parts to individual Wreckers. These are scrappers who earn money by collecting trash metal parts or pieces.

Searching these people will require some time and patience, but it will save your money, which else you would have to pay to tow your old wheels to scrap yards.

Auction yards or Advertisements

You can also make good money by selling your scrap automobiles at online bargains or auctions. For this sort out the usable parts from your car and take their good pictures after cleaning. After this you can post them online, to show vehicle that it functions properly.

Another alternate option you can try is, to sell a car for parts by listing it on online advertisement sites. This works well for people who cannot afford expensive repairs of their vehicles and are in need of spare parts of the same make and model as yours.

Fire brigades

Donating to fire departments is also a good idea to junk or sell your car. Fire rescue departments are usually in need of old or junk wheels to use them in training their firefighters to recover automobiles and people in it from fire accidents.

They will either offer you a minimal value for your junk piece or a donation form which can be used to claim deduction in tax. In this way, you can get rid of your unwanted wheels as well as put it to some good use.


In a Nutshell

Though the most rewarding option is to sell your scrap machines to junk metal recyclers. But if your machine does not satisfy their requirements or weigh light. Then it will be advisable to sell it for parts to Auto Dismantlers. In this way you can sell your car fast.

Both the options will help you to earn good money in return of junk wheels. However, it will be wise to go with the one from which you can fetch as much money as possible. Check out what affects the price of the car negatively?

On the other hand, if you are mechanically skilled then you can also try dismantling your vehicle by yourself. Since this wreck your Junker and sort out its usable parts to sell as second hand spare parts. And, as for the metal structure you can break it down into small pieces and sell it to scrap dealers for some good cash. But be cautious while doing this as it is illegal in most of the countries.

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