How to buy a car on a tight budget?

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Most people have probably day-dreamed about having millions of dollars, and what they would do with that kind of money. And I would put millions of dollars down on a bet that every one of those day-dreams involved a new car at some point. A ridiculously expensive car. No-one fantasizes about buying cheap second hand cars during their lotto win day-dreams. Check out the 5 best used cars to buy.

Unfortunately, a cheap used vehicle is what the vast majority of us are stuck with having to buy. But that’s fine, because that’s all we need. But you can still aim to purchase the best automobile you can get, despite paying less cash for cars.


Even if you’ve decided on only spending a few grand, or more specifically $5-$8000, you won’t be buying a shiny new automobile for that poultry amount. But that’s ok, you can still buy a vehicle that works well and won’t break down so often that it’s more money than it’s worth to maintain. Here’s a wee list of handy hints for buying a decent cheap vehicle next time you’re at the used car dealers in Auckland NZ.


The information super highway deserves its nickname. If you want to research models, makes, prices, small budget cars, private and public sellers in your area, the internet is a great place to start. This will help ensure that your dollar goes as far as possible when it comes to the crunch.

Private or dealer?

There are pros and cons for both. One pro for buying a used car from a private source is you are more likely to get a great price, but you will be more vulnerable to scams. The Consumer Act is there for you only if you buy from a dealer. So keep on your toes when dealing with a private seller.


Inspect the engine

Have a look at the engine, and take note of the water in the radiator’s colour. Is it clear, or does it have a rusty hue? You can find out if any parts in the engine play up regularly by asking to look at the maintenance history. In particular, check to see when the last time the cambelt needed replacing. That’s a particularly expensive thing to get replaced, and if it’s due for one soon that wouldn’t be particularly awesome. In most the cases, used car spare parts can be cheap but not as reliable as the brand new ones.

Look at the odometer

When looking at budget used cars for sale, check the odometer. The odometer is an extremely important indicator of how much wear and tear a car has received due to driving over the years. If the automobile is fairly old, or certain parts like the accelerator pedal look worn out, but the reading telling you how many km’s the vehicle has done is suspiciously low, run for the hills.

Have a third party check it

Preferably someone in the correct profession, like a mechanic. Or a friend who has the same knowledge and expertise in the relevant topics related to auto maintenance.


Test drive the car

You will be driving whatever vehicle you buy, so it makes no sense not to give it a test drive before any purchase. If it makes weird noises, or veers off to the right or left, you will know by test driving it.

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