How to bargain over a used car?

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In the world of buying and selling vehicles, one of the most important weapons anyone can have in their personal arsenal is the skill of negotiating. And it goes without saying that some people are good at it, some not so good. And then there are the shy types who simply don’t do it at all.

Everyone’s different, but the latter group I described are all losing out on serious savings. Or profits. Depending on whether they are the buyer or the person trying to get cash for used cars.

Even people who can haggle sometimes feels uncomfortable doing it. So imagine what it would be like for someone who is completely new to it. Most people are used to things having set prices with no negotiating option in most business transactions.


So it’s important to remember that the rules are different with automobiles. There are no absolutes in the pricing of cars. It is full of grey areas, where numbers can go up and down depending on how clever the people playing the game are. Here are five handy hints on how to haggle successfully.

  1. First Make Sure You Want to Haggle

As has been mentioned above, some people just aren’t of the personality type where negotiating prices are the kind of thing they will ever want to do. And if that is so, the chances are that if you tried at it you would be awful. Which would possibly be a detriment to the auto buying experience. Even resulting in paying more than you want for a set of wheels. Or selling a used car for far less than it is worth.

  1. Have a target price

This can serve a few different purposes. It saves time if you have a specific price in your head. Because you won’t be looking at vehicles outside of that price range. It helps keep a clear head when you see something amazing in the form of an automobile, but it’s twice your budget. And your haggling session with the seller will benefit from a stronger performance from you, seeing as you know what you want and have that stone-clad number as a kind of weight that everything is tied to.

  1. Take note of Mileage

Often, the cheapest used cars have the most mileage. Mileage affects the price of used cars. This fact is driven home by the unscrupulous used auto exporters who fiddle with odometers to make it seem as though they have less mileage. Finding the car of your dreams with terrible mileage can give you a reason to offer a lower price.

  1. Have the car inspected

The inspection can reveal previously concealed problems that will be a boon to any seasoned negotiator with that true opportunistic spirit. Tell the seller about all the problems and use the info to force a drop in the price.

  1. Research prices

Have a look at Redbook and other similar websites. If you have found a car that you would love to buy and it sits within your budget. You can see how much it normally sells for second hand and compare it to how much this car costs.

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