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American cars are famous the world over thanks to America being the cultural epicentre of the western world. And the Ford motor vehicle is owned by many people in many different countries. There is no escaping the American automobile, as they are everywhere. If you currently have one yourself, and you want to sell it because it has gotten old and is always breaking down, you might be wondering who would buy an old car that doesn’t go. Well, we here at Sell My Car Fast will. And we will pay big dollars for it too. We have probably the best place to sell car online.

General Motors

General Motors make some of the most legendary of American vehicles. You can thank them for such iconic greats as the Chevrolet line of cars, Cadillac, Buick, the list goes on. And we will happily pay handsomely for any one of these models of General Motors. We will buy your Oldsmobile, if that is the name of your General Motors car, and if it is a Hummer we will buy them too. In fact, there isn’t a model of that make that we won’t buy. Any condition it is in, we will buy it.


It’s probably a safe bet that you and everyone you know has at least been in a Ford at some point in their lives. They are ubiquitous. But that doesn’t lessen the enthusiasm that we here at Sell My Car Fast have for buying them off people. We will gladly shell out large amounts for Fords of all shapes, sizes and levels of disrepair. We will buy your Ford even if it is completely totalled. All models are fair game as well. Lincoln, Mercury, Continental, Fiesta, Focus, Mustang or Ranger are all included in this list. We buy trucks, 4×4 & SUV’s, but when its Ford brand, then you can always expect more money from us.


If you are a Chrysler owner, and you are quite keen on not being a Chrysler owner someday soon then you have one option. That option is said to sell Chrysler. And the best way to sell it is to sell it to us. We provide the easiest and most simple method for selling Chrysler’s known to man. We will buy it within the day and transport it back to our salvage yard. Don’t worry about whether or not we will buy the model that you own, as we buy all models of Chrysler. This includes such models as the Sigma, Valiant, Viper, Regal, Cruiser and so forth.


If you want to sell your Tesla, you would be best advised to sell it to us here at Sell My Car Fast, as we are the best buyers of Tesla vehicles in all of New Zealand. We will pay you top cash and that is guaranteed. Whether it is a Roadster Sport 2.5 or a Model S sedan or Model X we will purchase it off you or die trying.

We endeavour the incredible approach to sell your car, keep in touch for more details.

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