6 Effective Ways to Sell Your Car Fast in 2019

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Selling Used Cars

Everyone knows that the average automobile depreciates in value like it was going out of style. In fact, this process takes place at twice the pace as it did five years ago. Why is this? There are factors that go into it, one large one being the fact that there are so many more cars in supply at the moment. So many. And because of this fact, the more aged your car happens to be, the less likely it is that you will be able to get it sold for the amount of money that best suites you.

This only means that you should be learning how to sell your car fast and more efficiently, in order to get the best price that you can for it. Fortunately for you, that topic is going to be the main focus of this blog post.

So, continue reading for six tips on selling cars quickly in 2019!

Get Thoroughly Prepared

It is a good idea to assess your own preparedness. This process will involve asking some questions to yourself. How do you feel about talking to complete strangers? If you have any kind of social phobia, getting a friend to help you out by being there with you whenever someone comes over is a plan of action. Be sure that you are always ready to cancel previous arrangements if someone wants to come and look at the vehicle.

There are common questions that are asked, so coming up with answers beforehand will help. Here are a few:

  • What safety features does your vehicle have?
  • Did your vehicle perform well while you owned it?
  • Is the automobile in question a gas guzzler or is it fuel efficient?
  • Has this particular model ever been recalled before?

Prepare yourself further by acknowledging to yourself the fact that selling your car will not be a quick process. You will probably not sell it within the first week, and it may even take a month.

Prepare Everything Else

What is “everything else?” In this instance, we are talking about getting the vehicle in question ready. It will need to be cleaned if you want to raise the chance of prospective buyers wanting to buy your car when they see it.

If you insist on doing this yourself at home, get all the right car cleaning equipment, including wax. Don’t forget the interior either. If the mats and seat covers are worn, get new ones. Or ,if there are stains, cover or clean them. If the car smells bad inside, air it out and use air freshening.

It will also be a great move to have your vehicle looked at by a professional mechanic person. This will allow you to get any problems sorted out, making your car worth even more. You do have the option of not doing getting repairs done, but you will need to include any problems not repaired in the advertisement and be completely up front to prospective customers.

Do Some Research

This is where you find out how much is my car worth NZ. It is important to set a price for your automobile that isn’t too high or too low. Be sure to add some wiggle room for negotiations to take place so that the buyer will feel that they have driven the price down.

Go online and find out what people selling the same car as yours are asking for, price-wise. Use car valuation tools. Ask people who are well versed in car values how much they think your car is worth. Ask the professionals. Take all of the info you have got and come up with a value you think is fair for your car.

Get the Car Detailed

This is not something you have to do, and if costs so much relative to how much the car is worth that it wouldn’t be money well spent, simply skip this step. But otherwise it is a good idea to spend some money to get your vehicle detailed. It will make your car worth more money by at least a few hundred dollars.

Consider having the tyres replaced with a set of replacements that are not too expensive for you. Get the rims all shined up as well. Have the mats and seat covers replaced. Does your vehicle have any dents on it? Perhaps it has been scratched here and there over its lifetime. You may want to have these imperfections dealt with as well.

Remember not to spend too much money on this step. If you do, it will just offset the amount of money you get, making it a waste.

Take Some Great Photos

You will probably be selling this car online. Let’s face it. So having some good photos to place on the advert will be indispensable. It will pique the interest of people looking for a car to buy. Take photos of the outside of the vehicle from different angles. Some close up photos. Take photos of what your car looks like inside so as to be complete. Photograph the engine too. The wheels will also be something that you should maybe take a photo of.

Experiment with different positions to take photos from. Look online at amateur photos taken by other people to see what is successful and what isn’t.

Write a Great Advert

You need to boast about everything you love about the car, while being honest about its flaws. Include the year of manufacture, what model it is, and whether it was bought by you second hand or brand new. Mention its fuel efficiency, how many Km’s it has driven, and include a maintenance history with all the repairs you have gotten. Don’t forget the asking price. You weren’t going to forget, but let’s just include that in the list anyway.

Hopefully these tips and hints will make selling your car a pleasurable experience and result in the best possible outcome!

Extra Tip: If you are keeping the scrap car then these techniques won’t work for you. The best place to junk your car would be Car Wreckers Auckland where you can get the decent cash for your scrap car.

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