Do not make these mistakes when selling a car to wreckers!

July 26, 2019 POSTED UNDER: general

scrapping car salvage yards

Normally selling a scrap, broken-down or unwanted vehicle is a quite troublesome activity. But it can be fun, if you choose the right way of discarding that old clunker. And of course, the most easy and cost-effective way of doing it is to hire a team of well-versed vehicle wreckers & Removal Experts. It is

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Why You Should Consider Buying an Electric Car

July 12, 2019 POSTED UNDER: Electric cars


When it comes to buying a new car it is one of the most crucial decision for everyone. After all, you will want to find a reliable and elegant looking vehicle. But with a great variety options like electric car and traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. It can be hard to decide whether it is right to

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What You Need to Know When Cancelling Car Registration in NZ

July 9, 2019 POSTED UNDER: How To

Cancelling Car Registration in NZ

So, you are looking to sell your old or damaged vehicle. Before you contact a dealer or Cash for Car Company, you must need to cancel the car’s registration. As they will ask you for the cancelled registration before towing away your automobile. Cancelling the registration of your car means that you are no longer

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